Recommended Plants

Here are a few plants that I am recommending for gardens. They have performed well for me in several different situations, look good for an extended period of time and are low maintenance (Little to no deadheading required, prune back in spring and forget them).
Salvia greggii- Furman's Red and Esther's Red
Salvia Chamaedroides- Mexican Blue Sage
Iberis (candytuft) Evergreen- no pruning needed- remove old flowers
Centranthus ruber coccineus (Red Jupiters Beard)
Cerastium (Snow in Summer)
Gaura (The Bride)
Hesperaloe (Red Yucca)
Nepeta (Catmint)( Select Blue and Walker's Low)
Salvia farinacea (Victoria Blue)
Scabiosa columbaria (pincushion 'nana')
Teucrium aroanium and Teucrium chamaedris
Veronica prostrata and all others I carry except spicata- Several are ground covers, others are great fillers. (low growing, not terribly showy, but are nice to have in between other plants or at the front of the border.

Try some of the ornamental grasses. -
My favorites so far are Schizachryium -especially 'The Blues'
Sorghastrum nutans- Indiangrass
Eragrostis trichodes- Sand Lovegrass
All of these grasses are Panhandle natives. I will have others, but have not grown them long enough to know how they will perform for me. I have seen great specimans of different varieties of Miscanthus around town and I will be carrying those.