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  • Flower Color : Purple

Andropogon gerardii 'Big Bluestem'

Common Name: Big Bluestem
Bloom Season: Fall to Winter
Bloom Color: Purplish-Red
Water Needs: Little Water Moderate Water

Ideal Sun Conditions: Full Sun

Mature Height: 3'-6'
Mature Width: 24"

One of the major grasses of the True Tallgrass Prairies. Drought tolerant but prefers extra moisture. Clump former, does not spread.

Garden Notes: Coarse grass, best in native setting, cut dried stems to base early spring. Divide clump when center begins dieing out.May be aggressive in the long run in pastures.

Amorpha fruiticosa

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Common Name: Indigo Bush
Bloom Season: Late Spring
Bloom Color: Purple
Water Needs: Moderate Water

Ideal Sun Conditions: Full Sun

Mature Height: 72"
Mature Width: 60"

Deciduous 6-8 ft shrub. Purple flowers, Butterflies. Purported to be a larval host plant for the Orange Sulphur butterfly.

Garden Notes: Native to PH- sandy soils along streams. I have had it for six years and have not had a volunteer on my clay soil. Rapid seed spread along waters edge. Little to no seed spread in drier growing conditions. Easy to grow in yard settings.