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Berlandeira lyrata

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Common Name: Chocolate Flower
Bloom Season: Spring to Fall
Bloom Color: Yellow
Water Needs: Little Water

Ideal Sun Conditions: Extreme Enviroment Tolerance Full Sun

Mature Height: 12"
Mature Width: 18"

Chocolate scent, blooms in morning closes in afternoon, showy, flowers dry to brown seed. Plant Select® award winner.

Garden Notes: This is one of my favorite Panhandle Natives. My yard in the mornings will often be filled with the scent of chocolate thanks to this plant. Keep Chocolate Flower on the dry , lean side. Too much water and too rich soil can cause it to grow too fast. It will then lose it's natural mounding shape and be a large flowering clump. (Not all bad, just not quite as nice) It can be cut back in the middle of the growing season to get it back into shape.