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Bouteloua gracilis - Blue Grama

Bouteloua gracilis - Blue Grama

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Common Name: Blue Grama
Bloom Color: Redish Pink
Bloom Season: Summer

Great PlantSelect® selection. Turf grass or ornamental bunch grass. Slowly spreads maybe 2" per year.

Water Needs: Little Water
Type: Perennial - Grass

Ideal Sun Conditions: Full Sun

Mature Height: 12"
Mature Width: 18"
Garden Notes: 
Blue Grama makes a good turfgrass if planted densely (It is what we have planted for our lawn) or ornamental bunchgrass if planted individually. Seedheads resemble thick eyelashes that wave in the wind. Blooms from midsummer on. Leave thru winter for additional interest. Provides seed and nesting material for birds. Plant thickly by seed (2 to 3 Lbs /1000 sq ft) to get a nice grass for your yard or outlying area. Height will vary by the amount of water it receives. ranging from 6" to 20". Very drought tolerant. Mow at a high height (4"-6")