Chilopsis linearis - DESSERT WILLOW

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Common Name:-DESSERT WILLOW / Type:-TREE / Light:-SUN / Water:-LITTLE / Color:-DEEP RED, PINK TO WHITE / Bloom Time:-SUMMER / Height-20' / Width:-12' / Comments:-A great tree or shrub. Blooms off and on through summer. Colors range from dark pink, pink or white. If grown as a multi-trunk tree or shrub it will stay shorter than if pruned to a single trunk tree. / Garden Notes:-Easy to grow from any size pot. It should reach three ft tall in first year. Treat like a perennial for a few years. Trim up to tree form or leave as multi-branched shrub. Provide moderate to ample water and some manure or other Nitrogen fertilizer when young to promote quicker growth. - Then cut back water and Nitrogen after a few years to develop stronger branches.