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Nepeta x faasenii - SIX HILLS GIANT CATMINT

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Common Name:-SIX HILLS GIANT CATMINT / Type:-PERENNIAL / Light:-FULL SUN / Water:-LITTLE TO MODERATE / Color:-PURPLE / Bloom Time:-SPRIING TO FALL / Height-14" / Width:-24” / Comments:-Deep bright purple flower spikes rise above silver-grey leaves for an early show in spring and then for an extended summer season. A low care plant. It is one of the best plants to feed bees and other pollinators. / Garden Notes:-It is one of our heaviest and earliest bloomers in spring. Broad, thick flower spikes similar to butterfly bush. Maintains a neat appearance with little care. It can “out bloom itself” and lose its tidy look after its initial flowering. Cut stems all the way back to new leaf mound that should be forming to clean it up for steady, but a little less showy blooms and tidy look for the rest of the summer.