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Oenothera rhombipetala - DIAMOND PETAL PRIMROSE

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Common Name:-DIAMOND PETAL PRIMROSE / Type:-PERENNIAL / Light:-FULL SUN / Water:-LITTLE / Color:-YELLOW / Bloom Time:-SPRING TO SUMMER / Height-10" / Width:-30” / Comments:-Panhandle Native. It produces large yellow blooms over a wide base of glossy green leaves. It has a long bloom season if given moderate additional water. It handles drought extremely well. / Garden Notes:-With little to no additional water it will produce a very nice show of early summer blooms- Then as it begins to stress, I often have small black bugs that cover it (No other plants) and make it go into a stress related dormancy which is normal and does not affect the health of the plant. -It comes out of dormancy with rain water or next spring very well. I believe the bugs are a feast for our native birds such as the Say’s Phoebe!