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Common Name:-ARBOROSE FLORENTINA / Type:-SHRUB / Light:-FULL SUN, PART SHADE / Water:-LITTLE / Color:-WHITE / Bloom Time:-SPRING / Height-8ft / Width:-10ft / Comments:-Panhandle native. Deciduous shrub with small leaves. It has dark red, tart edible berries. It may have a red fall color in fall in a good year. Moderate growth. It makes a very nice natural visual screen from your neighbors while allowing you to see our fantastic skies. / Garden Notes:-This has been a great shrub in my yard and in the demo beds. Slow growing and can be open and straggly with absolutely no water for a rough, native type look. Or with some water and compost it grows faster into a rounded shrub. Mine has reached 14ft across! and 6ft tall. Densely covered with small green leaves till late fall. Good Deer Browse!