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Schizachyrium scoparium 'BLAZE' - LITTLE BLUESTEM

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Common Name:-LITTLE BLUESTEM / Type:-PERENNIAL / Light:-FULL SUN, PART SHADE / Water:-LITTLE TO MODERATE / Color:-White to Lilac / Bloom Time:-Summer / Height-6-12” / Width:-12-18” / Comments:-Supple sprigs that push up from the ground and new side shoots off the older woody stems are perfect for fresh or dried use. Removing old branches back to the ground a couple of times a year keeps the plant clean and open to the sun and air, and produces more lush growth. / Garden Notes:-Winter Savory is a great addition for herb blends containing oregano, thyme and basil and more to be added to meat, poultry or fish.  It is very good with cheese. Add it later when cooking a recipe as the flavor does not hold up as well to prolonged cooking. It is superb with beans.